Who are we

In 1987 a young American, having just graduated from Elim Bible Institute in New York State, went to Asia and saw the lack of Bibles and the harsh economic conditions in other countries. In 1989 he came back full time and then met his wife to be, a young nurse from New Zealand. They were married in a park in China in 1993. In 1996 they founded Autumn Rain International. They now live in the West with their children and regularly make trips to Asia.

Since that time many volunteers from all over the world have joined us, to serve short term or long term. We are all volunteers. We do not receive any salaries. Most of us have regular jobs we work as “tent makers” as the Apostle Paul did. Although, sometimes when a volunteer goes to Asia for an extended time, they then receive missionary support that they personally raise. 

We are a network of Christians, we endeavour to work with all believers. We are not restricted to any one particular denomination as these groupings of believers are just a temporary thing. When we are all working together in Asia; which church we are from becomes irrelevant as we are engrossed in working together. We believe in the sainthood of all believers. We can all go directly to God to receive forgiveness of sins, to hear from God, and to be used by God to bring His love to others. We honour all people regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity or economic status. We believe that every believer has a gift and we wish to see everyone empowered to serve God. One person’s weakness is another person strength. By encouraging and serving one anther we can build up the body.

We are not a large organization with flashy offices. But we are a place where if a person say in America has a burden to help believers in Laos to get a Bible, or you are a person in New Zealand and you wish to help an evangelist family in the Himalayan region to have income from a small business so they can send their children to school and help those around them, we can match you up. If someone comes to us wanting to help in a place where we do not work we will do our best to introduce you to another group working in that area.