Helping Hands Korea
For those who have a heart for the people living in and the ones who are in the process of a journey out of the land of North Korea. If you would like to be involved in blessing this group or working with them we can highly recommend Helping Hands Korea.  We personally know Tim Peters and his wife. They are good friends of us at Autumn Rain International and we highly commend them for who they are and the work that they do.

Christians for Biblical Equality
We believe that as humans beings the gender that we are has a lot to do with the furthering of the human race. As spiritual beings we all have our sins forgiven the same way by the blood of Jesus. Regardless of our earthly gender we can all hear from God, and serve God equally. Our human gender does not affect our spiritual work. Whether man or woman we can all be used of God.
In many cultures especially in the Middle East men rule over women. In church life particularly in the Catholic religion men have always been given the authoritative roles. This has crept into the modern church as well. Even in some churches today men are given the prominent roles and women restricted to the less prominent roles.
Many areas where Autumn Rain International serves in Asia there are more women in the churches than men and there are more women leaders than men.

If you find yourself in a situation where your church is telling you that you cannot do something because of your gender and they tell you that the reason is from the Bible. Please go to this website as they have many very scholarly works that you can read showing that in fact the Bible does not condone sexism.
In Autumn Rain International we do not discriminate based on gender. We wish for the whole church to be empowered to serve God.