How we work

Autumn Rain Bible School
In North East India each year starting just before Christmas and lasting for six week we have a Bible school. This happens in Nagaland, India. Nagaland is a Christian State in India and so believers are able to freely meet. 

New Believers come from North East India, Bhutan and Eastern Nepal for this. They can have fellowship, celebrate Christmas often for the first time and receive training. They then go back to their own villages to preach and to start new churches. These new evangelists go to places that we could never go to. 

No interest loans for micro enterprise
In the Himalayan region, that is North East India, Nepal and Bhutan, not only do believers face religious persecution but they are also living in an area where the economic conditions are very severe. For example in India there was the caste system. Legally this no longer exists but culturally and socially these things do not easily change. Also typically the women have the hardest and least paid jobs. 

At Autumn Rain International where the status quote is unjust we challenge it. We have found that by giving financial support to believers they are benefited for a short while but then the money is used up. By giving them a no interest loan to start a small business they then receive training to help them with their new project. They learn new skills and have the experience of overcoming obstacles to make the project successful. When they start to have an income, they then can pay back the loan and to have their own income and additional resources to bless those around them the experience is very empowering for them. In the end they then have their business long term with income and the ability to help others. Once the money is then all paid back we can then use the original funds to help a new family and on and on. For security reasons we cannot mention individual names here and locations but for those who would like to help by giving toward a certain project we can match you up with the recipient and you can then have direct contact (if they can speak English and have access to the internet). In other cases assistance can be given to translate letters. As much as possible we like to facilitate the connection between believers. It is very satisfying to see a believer succeed. This process is not straight forward as in each case a believer is pushing against the status quo but by working together and with training we can increase their success .

Printing and delivery of Bibles
In Communist countries in Asia such as China, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea to varying degrees Bibles are restricted or not easily available.  Except for North Korea, in other Asian countries it is legal to have a Bible and in some places these can be bought from a government church. Unfortunately, there are just not enough Bibles. Large numbers of believers live in rural areas and with many people coming to believe in Jesus every year there just isn’t enough Bibles available to go around. In Some countries the people live off very low wages and the price of a Bible from the official Church is several months’ salary. Many times believers will ask us for Bibles in minority languages which they cannot get. Or they might ask for Bibles with study notes or large print Bibles for the people with not such good eyesight. 

At Autumn Rain International we partner with groups that print Bibles and then we physically carry these into the countries where they are needed. We work to do this is efficiently as possible. We inquire of the national workers what is best, and then serve them in that way. They are on the ground and they know what works.

Packing for the trip    Unloading a container of Bibles

Bible school DVD’s
For those of us in the West we can easily attend Bible school but for many of these believers there are no Bible schools available or they might have to meet in secret. By watching a DVD Bible school they can watch these in their own home or in small groups to avoid detection. The material is all standard Biblical teaching done by teachers from similar background and in their own language. These are duplicated and then transported to the recipients.

Audio equipment
In many of the minority places across Asia either the Bible has not been translated or the people might not be able to read. In these places we can bring in audio equipment such as a MP3 players.

 Two evangelists receiving DVD material    Burning DVD sets