Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to give or to go?
Both are good. Our goal is that we can make real relationships in the body of Christ across the globe. In fact we are all one body, but we are divided by national boundaries, language and distance. Our desire is that for those who come and volunteer with Autumn Rain International is that you will come away having gained ongoing relationships where both Christians from the East and the West can share their joys and sorrows, encourage one another, and to rejoice with one another. When we pray for one another we can support each other. When one person shares a miracle that God did it builds up the faith in others as well.
If it is not practical for someone to travel then financial gifts are a real help as the money can be used in Asia for the work of delivering Bibles to those who do not have a Bible or in supporting evangelists.

Is it illegal to carry Bibles to another country?
No it is not. All countries where Autumn Rain International works have freedom of religion according to their constitutions.

Is there a need to carry in Bibles?

If it is legal to supply Christians with Bibles, then why is it still necessary to carry in Bibles?
Sometimes it is because of remoteness. The majority of Christians that we support are in the very remote areas. If Christians in the larger cities have Bible that is great but we always want to focus on the remotest places, the poorest places, and where Christians have faced the most persecution.
In places where we work the local constitution say there is freedom of religion. Sometimes this can have different interpretations and meaning according to whoever reads it. Or as in most cases nobody even reads constitutions anyway. People simply do as they please. That is why it is so important to pray.
In the Bible in Romans chapter 13 it says that God has placed the governing authority’s there and that they are His servants. How about that! Not only is the pastor of your local Church God’s servant but so are the local politicians and even the overseas governments.
Romans 13:1 says “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” In verse six it says “For because of this you pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing”.
Let us think about the Word of God. What God says is real. The job of rulers is to carry out God’s ordinances to protect people from evil and to do good, and to assists those in need. Because they have this power it is very important that we pray for these leaders. As Christians we can take authority over satan to bind him and forbid him from influencing the governments. We need to commit the governing authorities to do God’s will.
We know that God’s Word is for everyone therefore let us pray for the governing authorities that they carry out God will. For example if we are praying for the Custom authorities in a particular country we can pray that they do God’s will and seize all bad material that would be harmful to the citizens of that country and that they allow Bibles to pass freely through to those who are waiting for them. We might still be pulled up but never mind, the customs authorities are God’s servants. They are our friends. Let’s be a blessing to them. As we might be there to show them God’s love. There is no reason to be upset we just show them love. We do not need to be like the world. We can choose to show love. When we are centred on God’s Word we can calmly and confidently know that it will come to pass.