Feedback from Volunteers and Teams

It’s hard to fully sum up the adventure and every individual experience is different. The theme of my experience was learning to stay soft and open to whatever the Spirit was speaking to me. Worship and praise is a powerful weapon. I experienced incredible times of worship and the Father’s presence walking thru the scanner area. Trying to accurately depict the joy of carrying bread and walking in obedience is tough. It needs to be experienced!
~ Alison, 2016

On this trip I became more aware of how important it is to listen to the Spirit and allow Him to guide me. Prayer is so important. The work you do here and the teams that come and help – it’s a work of God that is worth getting stopped.
Deb, 2016

What an amazing time we had here! It is amazing for me to see how God blesses His children with each other and how He always seems to have a way to unite with one another. Also a special thanks to the effort with the trip to China, I truly appreciated that with my whole heart, it meant a lot to me! God bless you! 
~ Claire, 2016

It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of the work here and to see God provide time after time. It really boosted my faith over the past few days. Thanks for what you did for us and for the work you’re doing. God bless you as you continue!
~ Steve, 2016

My trip to Asia was anything but uneventful. The weeks leading up to the day I left were very challenging, as I had lost a relationship because of this calling to go. Shortly after that I was sick with Mono, which left me quite exhausted for a long time. I knew that I would be totally dependent on God for everything I needed. And while I was there I felt a constant battle for my joy. There were moments of feeling totally defeated, I earnestly prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill me up. I longed to be fully present where I was and to be passionate about what I was doing for the Kingdom of God, but my joy for this was missing.
There was one day in particular where God truly answered my prayers. That morning I woke up feeling strong and healthy for the first time, so to “celebrate” I decided to pack so heavy that the guys on my team had to put my pack on my back for me. As I left my two prayers were; God please give me a joy and please help keep this bag on my shoulders because I will not be able to pick it back up if it comes off! As I walked through and went up and down escalators everything was going good. I was just hoping at the metro scanner I wouldn’t have to take my pack off. Deciding not to make eye contact with anyone, I just looked at the ground as I walked through, but right as I was about to pass through a hand reached out in front of me motioning me to put my bag on the scanner. I saw my bag come out from the scanner and went to pick it up hoping to somehow get it on my back. However, the guard took my bag out of my hands and put it off to the side to open it. I did not know what to expect as he went to open it but all I could do was pray. When he looked in my bag his eyes immediately widened in shock. He took his time looking through my pack, as he was carefully examining everything it caught the attention of the other guard. Both lines to the scanner were held up as they intently looked in my bag. The guard then turned to me and said the words I never expected to hear, which were: “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” I stood there dumbfounded and shocked. He then quickly repacked my bag and put it on my shoulders and made sure my bag was all situated and on correctly. As I walked away in disbelief, he said one more last “Hallelujah” and I responded back saying “Hallelujah”. As I walked towards the metro with tears in my eyes I looked back and saw the guard tearing up as well.
The joy that I had so desperately wanted seemed to come naturally. What mattered was not so much about me but a bigger plan that God was orchestrating right in front of me. Our team had one more week left and each day I was so excited to serve. I actually met the same guard again who made sure I saw him and spoke the very same words as a few days early and again I responded with the only word we both knew which was “Hallelujah.” was I quickly realized that I would not want to be doing anything else but this. The word hallelujah is one of the few universal words across many languages which means “praise God” There is so much to praise our God for. Praise God that he can use us even when we feel inadequate. Praise God that he is raising up His sons and daughters. Praise God that He is the restorer of our joy.
~ Charmaine, 2016

Thanks for making it possible for short-termers to come and ‘stick our necks out’ here and experience God. Our time here has been amazing…one of my favorite God stories was when my friend and I were doing an early morning run with our big hiking packs and we were able to walk through even though we got checked. Some of the times when I stayed back to pray for the other team members was really cool….or when others stayed back to pray for my team….it felt like they were still ‘standing with us’. It’s so exciting to think of believers getting the Word of God and what a precious gift it is! Praise God!
Penny, 2016