Messages of thanks

Thank you Lord God so much, He is really Jehovah Jireh. When our church has really needed Bibles, the body of Christ has helped us and provided us with resources. As representatives of the church and the members of the church, we express our thankfulness. 
May God remember and bless those who have helped us. Thanks again!

Brother John, May 2016

Li was really afraid and overwhelmed when he got nose cancer. After 30 rounds of chemotherapy, he was in so much pain he could hardly bear it. He had spend thousands of dollars, used all of his family’s money and as well had borrowed a lot of money. During this time somebody introduced him to Jesus and he became a Christian. When he went to a meeting for the first time, he felt a power come over him and protect him. He started to feel better and more comfortable again. He knew the Lord had healed him and saved him from dying. When he went to the hospital, the doctor was amazed and told him, “You are completely healed!” Thanks to God for this miracle!!

Brother Li, Feb 2016

This afternoon when I attended theology class, I received a study Bible which is full of abundant life. I heard that it is from the offering of brothers and sisters in Christ. Although we do not know the names of those who offered it, I know it is form the work of the Holy Spirit. First of all, Praise God! Secondly, we thank you for the love of brothers and sisters who offered us these gifts. Surely this will lead more people to our glorious God. For this I ask God to remember these brothers and sisters! We hope, from this, more brothers and sisters will be moved to stand out and spread the good news of our God! May glory be to our God! So again we thank these brothers and sisters!

~Sister Law, May 2016

Dear family in the Lord,
God bless you! I thank God for His grace and also thank you for your love offering.I thank God for giving me a heart to spread the gospel. The 20 Bibles I previously received have been distributed. When I was worrying about where to purchase new Bibles, I received the three boxes of Bibles you sent. Seeing these Bibles touched my heart deeply. During the process of spreading the gospel, I experienced the wonderful leading of God. Whenever I go out, I bring along one Bible.Once I took a brother to a psychiatric hospital for check-ups. He is also God’s servant but has been suffering from personality disorders for more than 20 years though he preached and sang and played piano at church. God loves him very much and gave him many spiritual gifts. In June 2014, after another outburst from his illness, the church forbade him to preach but, out of love, still allowed him to play piano and lead the choir. In January, I took him to hospital to see a specialist. After examination, the specialist exclaimed that, in all his years as a doctor, he has never seen a patient with personality disorder recover so well. He even doubted whether the brother really did suffer from it or not, claiming that such recovery after a “sickness history” of 20 years is simply unimaginable. Thank God! The brother said he is a Christian and believes in Jesus. Then we began to share the gospel with that doctor. Before we left, we gave him a Bible. When coming out from the hospital, we were overjoyed.One month later, I took him to hospital again to get more medicine. I had prayed for several days before the appointment, hoping that we would see the same doctor again. God’s leading is very wonderful; we did not see him but met another one. Just like the last time, he asked the brother about his illness and history. After that, he was even more perplexed, and exclaimed, “You’re NOT a personality disorder patient. Your recovery into such a perfect state is impossible, let alone being able to work and live independently. Your sickness is probably ‘bipolar disorder’.” Hearing this, I was dumbfounded. Actually, back in June, due to another outburst, he was forcibly taken to hospital for treatment. He had just been married for barely half a year and his wife had been pregnant for 2 months. After this incident, she decided to have an abortion and later divorced him. In other words, he lost both his wife and his baby. After he was discharged, he was in terrible condition. Our loving God, however, was supporting him all along. Within less than half a year, he was like a normal person. This is really the unfathomable grace of God. At that moment, we decided to preach to the doctor. He responded, “How peculiar. Is the God you trust in really that useful? You people who believe in Jesus are really different from the others. I should probably find time to go to a church and take a look myself. We were deeply touched to hear such words from the doctor. From a medical standpoint, mental patients are incurable, especially when they are hereditary. Recovering is simply impossible. But what is impossible for doctors is not hard at all for our God. Thank God for His grace. Now this brother, can live a normal life and serve the Lord in church. Please continue to pray for him, that God’s glory can continue to manifest through him.
Please pray for me. May the Lord use me for His work! All glory be to Him. May God remember and bless you!

Sister Mei, Oct 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord;
May God give you peace!
Thanks be to God for the Bibles that you sent to us.  I’m so blessed, thank you!
I have for some time been buying Bibles from government churches to evangelize, and have bought a total of a few hundred. Recently, they are out of stock, therefore I found Brother Y for help.  Surprisingly, he sent me a box of Bibles. Thank God!
I have given the Bible to my classmates, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and more copies were reserved for students.  God has given me the opportunity to preach the gospel to high school students.  Most of them are willing to read, and several have already decided to believe in the Lord. Now, the shortage of Bibles remains. Each class has more than 60 students, around 40 of them want to have a Bible. I am leading 11 classes.  By the grace of God, this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to share the Gospel with so many students, by telling Bible stories, or showing movies about the Bible.  They really like it. As the Bible said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!”
In 2006, thanks to God’s leading, I encountered HIM and gave my life to the Lord.  He has never abandoned me. He led me with the cords of kindness and love. May God bless you, brothers and sisters in the Lord. The reward in heaven is great--may the love of the Lord shower upon us.
May God bless you!

~ Sister Fai, Oct 2015



A man came to our church because he wanted to listen to the teaching. He really enjoyed reading the Bible, so I gave him one. He asked, “How much is it?”. I said, “You believe in Jesus, this book is for free because God’s Word cannot be bought with money.” The man was very excited and said, “This Bible is very precious. I’m so happy to receive one and I’ll cherish it.” I encouraged him to read the Bible every day, pray and ask God to walk him through the Bible.
He came to church again after two days and said when he read the Bible it was really good for him. He wanted to believe in the Lord now. This brother read the Bible every day and grew very fast in the Lord. He said he could not sleep if you did not read at least 5 chapters of the Bible, it has become his life! Thanks be to God!

~ Pastor P, Feb 2015