Where do I fit in?

By Doug on November 7, 2016 in | comments

Where do I fit in?
Here, it is November and we have just launched our new A.R.I. website. Not bad considering that it was October that we announced that we would be taking down our current website and putting up a new one in a few weeks’ time, right on schedule, Right??? Well as long as you overlook that fact that it was October 2015! Funny thing is that I am actually sitting here in Nagaland, India in the very same spot that I was exactly one year ago working starting work our website. How can a whole year pass by??? This is so incredibly unprofessional. How can that be??? How did a year slip by? What other leader of a mission would be off in a daze, absent minded for a whole entire year? These are things that go through my mind. But when I consider that I have an A.D.H.D. mind. It puts things in a much different perspective. A year is much better than three or four years, or even to build a new site at all is quite an accomplishment for someone like me.
Having been involved in missions in Asia for over 30 year so many of my friends from way back when we were all volunteering with Revival Christian Church humping Bibles across the border are now leaders of Christian organizations. Many of these are very large and well organized. One of my friends.... well he seems to put out a large two inch thick book every few months. Describing every detail of every people group in a certain area. How does he do it? We are all so different. For so many years I had felt so much shame as I struggled and struggled to do the most simple of tasks like to write a thank you note for a donation. I could work all day and all night and all day. I could jump on a plane with little notice at all taking a group of people going to places that I had never been to before and doing unconventional things. But could I do the simple things?

When I found out that I had A.D.H.D. it all made sense. Now I knew why I was the way that I am. Now I see a psychiatrist from time to time to get a refill of medicine similar to Speed so that I can actually sit in front of a computer for a few hours at a time and do what other leaders of Christian ministries do all day. When I was younger I never thought in a million year that I would ever go to see a psychiatrist or even consider taking a drug. But that is who I am. I have a heart to see the Gospel preached in every village on every hill and in every valley in the Himalayan region and for those who believe in Jesus that they should receive the Word of God.
To those of you who are reading this I want to say to you that every one of us is made in the image of God. You are designed by God. He made each one of us unique. The Bible says if we were all an eye how would we hear? and if we were all on ear how would we see? When we are all who we are meant to be, doing what we were meant to do together we are the complete body of Christ. Of course it is natural to want to improve and do things better but the starting place is to be real with who we are. Not try to be better that what we are, just to be real and go from there.
When it comes to serving Jesus there is a place for you. Please feel free to tell us about you and your desire to serve God and we would love to help you find a place to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If we do not have what you are looking for then we will do our best to help you to find a place that is right for you, whether it is with Autumn Rain International or another group it does not matter as we are all serving Jesus.
May God bless,